Visualizing Your Experience

Up to intermediate level, one thing is common that I realize that teacher come to the class, write something on the board, ask the class to open the book, point out some paragraphs, give some explanation and tell us the question of this particular answer and is it important or not etc. That is the whole study process that I face till 12th standard. Then in university the scenario changes little bit like in university teachers do not ask to bring books in class, even some do not take serious not on using white board. One thing that is worse in university is that teachers make some slides of their subjects and they come to the class just only to show us that how we can start projector, how we can insert HDMI cable into our Laptops and how we can just read the slides confidently. I know the environment is just like same as I mentioned above here so I not criticizing it more. So, then I join Amal fellowship, at the beginning I think that this organization is like a place full of motivational speakers who just come to the sessions and give some speeches that consist of very beautiful and sweet-sounding words and after listening these speeches I will feel motivated till next 1.5 minute and then wait for the next session. And, if I miss the session due to some reason, fellowship instructor gives me link of the recorded session. In short it is up to me to take session on time or not, give full concentration on it or not. But the scenario was totally different, like in first week my beautiful hearted instructors Mam Iman and Sir Ahmid came to the session and instead of giving long speeches one by one, they asked me to think about my future goals and wrote them on page and they also told me to start working on my future goals now.

Then in the second week they divide us into the group so we could learn teamwork and the best part of this to took others ideas and thinking as an opportunity to learn something not just to just listen them.

The best parts of this fellowship are, here you come to learn something not just to read something, learn to solve problems by your own thinking not just google them and find their solutions. I listen these words before that “Life is not a Bed of Rosses” but during this fellowship I actually make belief on these words after listing form instructors and other fellows that is this country you must go to the extra mile in order to get your dream job. But they just not told these hard words but also tried to taught us every step that we had to follow in order to achieve our goals. So, in last I just want to say thank you to Mam Iman and Sir Ahmid who teach me the steps that make life a bed of rosses”.