Reflection on Amal journey

Life has been very kind to me since it has gifted me this amazing opportunity of being a part of Amal Family. During lockdown due to Covid-19, I had no clue of how to start improving my skill set. So, on a November morning, I saw this Amal advertisement on my Facebook feed while scrolling it down and luckily I decided to fill it’s form. One of classmate also suggested me to become a part of Amal .I have realized today that this was one of the best decisions of my life so far so kudos to this amazing fellowship and the whole Amal family.

I have learnt a lot in this 3 months period. I just love each and every single part of this fellowship starting with the amazing knowing yourself activity to be able to live a life of purpose as I believe that life without a purpose is not a life worth living. I have transformed myself in to a super confident and independent individual by learning the aspects of problem solving, goal setting, productivity, time management and team work among many others.

I admire all the values and principles of Amal and have adopted them in my every day life and I have realized that I cannot implement them without radiating positive energy in my daily life; whether it is having a growth mindset or helping each other by displaying the superb “aik or aik gyara” principle at Amal. So, my advice for everyone is to radiate positivity by at least a smile as you know, emotions are contagious.

Amal is the best place for your professional growth as it covers all the aspect of getting your dream job whether it is the drafting of your super hero resume, super partner cover letter, the introduction videos or how to ace an interview by the help of their incredible ‘Passenger series’. They have even tried to boost our communication skills and confidence through networking and by helping us in reaching out to our potential mentor’s.

I really liked the mock interview as it left a great impact on my life. I am truly amazed by the wonderful remarks of the interviewer about me. I also realized about my short comings whether it is in general knowledge, politics or being updated in my field. So, I planned to become more considerate about these things in future and it was only due to the positive energy and the constructive feedback of my interviewer.

I would like to conclude my blog by saying Thank you to each and every single person at Amal for contributing their efforts in transforming youth. Gratitude is the best gift one can ever wish for, so once again Thank you Amal Family for being super amazing and generous in this journey

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