Experience is the process through which conscious organisms perceive the world around them. Amal has assigned us the task of building our smart goals and trying to experience them as immediately as possible. I ruminate a lot and then build up my smart goals. It is quite difficult for me in the start but I took immediate action and started doing tasks in order to achieve one of my goal. The goal is to improve my political viewpoints, English vocabulary and comprehensive writing.

I want to do masters after my graduation and also want to do CSS. In Pakistan English is basic entrepreneurial and corporate language. The interviews of many well known universities and companies are also in English. I also want to increase my general knowledge. The way I can do it is by reading books and learning vocabulary.

There are a lot of challenges in this journey because there are a lot of books which are not of interest and English is not our native language. Many people told me that it is very difficult to maintain a reading habit. They also said just focus on your study and career. In this time technology it is quite difficult to read books.

I just went to my book rack and took out a book and started reading it. I also learned five new English words. I have also ordered a bunch of books online.