Fixing the surrounding around yourself

I have a habit that I want to see everything organized and clean but there is a fact that I am quite lazy in fixing the stuff. There is a patch of garden outside my house which is in need of attention. When I read the instructions about Amal’s second project my mind suddenly moves toward that patch. As autumn season has just passed there are a lot of mess in that patch. Leaves have fallen from trees and it looks very disgusting when I take a pose of it.

Today I just made up my mind that I will go outside and I will clean that patch no matter what happen. I have made up my mind to clean that patch. I took the mop and cleaned the garden in one go.

messy patch full of leaves

after cleaning the patch

After cleaning when I look at the patch it looks better than before. It is very satisfying for me to clean that patch . I noticed that I have implemented amal and kam kam kam principle. Now I am looking forward to making it green so that it comes under use by living beings.

See leadership is just about making your mind and taking the responsibility of particular task. Leadership is not about bringing change on massive level. If you feel good at doing something just take it and do it. Small moments matter, small acts of kindness matter, and this is what makes us leaders in every day life. Leadership is not only about leading a company or managing a team of fifty people at your department. Leadership is a choice that we make everyday. So just go and become leader.

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